Thirty eight years we andered the wilderness of Zin
sixty untold years have passed since the Weils were neighbors
The journey has been long
Arduous at times
We experienced the pain of slavery
So many lost their lives at the taskmaster's hand
Others went forth to a liberation uncertain.

We crossed the reed sea to wander the wilderness
Today we gather from all corners of the wilderness on the shores of the sea
That wilderness
Marked at once by disorientation
Thirst, wandering, reunion
Fruitless searching for loved ones who would not make the journey
We learned new trades, new languages
At times we experienced the joys of freedom
At other times, we longed for the familiarity of home
Wishing we could go home again
Knowing that we could not.

Some of uns have relived the painful encounter with Amalek
Each and every day
Others have buried their pain deeply
Hoping to protect those they loved.

Some went to the promised land
And made the desert bloom
Others, like Reuven, made a home for themselves
in other lands.

We stood together at Sinai, at Steinsfort, at Sinai
We heard God's call
We were challenged each day to hear the Voice again
We rebelled, we questioned, we obeyed, we rebelled, we questioned
We questioned
We scoured the texts: Searched them for answers to our darkest questions
In this what choseness means?
Couldn't you chosse someone else, once in awhile?

For some, these questions brought us closer to the Source
For others, questions led them to seek other paths of faith
Or perhaps no faith at all.

And all along, we faced blessings and curses
Called always to choose blessings

Thirty-eight untold years we wandered the wilderness of Zin
Thirty-eight years of stories we will never know
Of births
Of lives
Of deaths
We have no photo albums of the journey
No mementos from portable memory boxes
Indeed, from the wandering in that desert
We have only hardwired, genetic recollections
Of blistered feet and parched throats.

Sixty untold years have passed since the Weils were neighbors
Now the stories can be told
The web, once thought forever broken, can now be mended
Now we will share our memories
Now we will share our photos
Across oceans and continents and time zones
We will remember what unites us
Sinai, Steinsfort, Shoah, Buenos Aires, Arkansas, Chicago, Brazil, Jerusalem
New and renwed progmised lands
The journey continues
Let us tell it

Joel Mosbach